The Boat yard

The current location of the boat and ship yard was established in 1945. During the peak time of North Sea fishing the shipyard built up a very good reputation with constructing new shrimp trawlers.


In autumn 2001 the shipyard was rebranded and appeared with a new team. Today the spectrum of work and services offered are manifold.


The slipway was renovated and adjusted to latest environmental regulations. It offers boats (maximum 300 tons, 35m length and 9.90m width) an affordable way to dry dock.


The area outside offers a construction crane, a 10-tons-mobile-crane and a 16 ton derrick crane. For heavy burdens there is an external mobile crane in front of the hall of the shipyard, as well as a slipway. The shipyard hall is equipped to deal with all kinds of metalwork.


Regardless of whether it is boat building, classical steel works or repairs to construction machines, we are a good partner in every sense of the word!